The difference a call can make

The difference a call can make

NASHIK: The second wave of the pandemic has been too overwhelming for the country and the district. From witnessing a shortage of healthcare facilities to observing social media groups forming up to help the people in need, the pandemic showed us the strength unity holds. While people became extremely cautious of their physical health amid the second wave and contacted a doctor immediately if any physical symptom showed up, not many gave an equal amount of importance to their mental health.

Self-isolation, social distancing, and lockdown limited the chance of meeting our friends and relatives. Even though social distancing and home isolation hold utmost importance, people desperately wish for life to get back to normal. Not a lot of people are in the right state of mind due to financial crisis, personal problems, self-doubt, relationship problems, and many other day-to-day acts.

As human beings, the bare minimum we can do is to ring a bell to loved ones and keep a check on them. The more we talk, the more people will open up. We can put technology to its best use and fill our loved ones with a sense of belongingness and comfort. We need to be there for them as they need our calls the most at this point.

Communication is the key

Human beings are social animals. Since birth, we start communicating using gestures and facial expressions. People communicate through eye contact, body language, gestures and share warm hugs. Every human’s innate need is communication.

Choosing calls over texts is a great way to help people pour their hearts out while speaking. Texting is limited as one can’t explain everything over the text. However, the vibe of a phone call is completely different. If you video call your elder relatives, you can see the amount of happiness and content on their faces. They get surrounded by positive vibes and feel satisfied.

You need to connect virtually with friends and understand what’s going on in their life. Maintain a diary and decide the people you want to call. Never even stay under this impression that why am I giving a call first? At such times, we need to motivate people to express their emotions and not suppress them.

When you feel low, reach out to people through phone calls as you will realize many people are suffering through the same thoughts. This will give you power as you will come to know that you’re not alone. The feeling of togetherness and unity holds massive power.

These unconditional bonds provide us fuel to run the vehicle called life. As a social being, you need to be responsible towards society and follow all the guidelines. Get vaccinated and wait; the scenario will definitely change. Join some group online if you wish to help people or reach out to them.

- Sarita Pagare, Clinical Psychologist

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