The beauty of the South Road

The beauty of the South Road
Picture Credits: Manish Bhatt

DEOLALI CAMP: Popularly known as the South Road, the extension of Dhondi Road to the Old Artillery Centre, is an aesthetically pleasing road that witnesses rush every evening. People from Deolali Camp, Bhagur, and Banachawl flock on this road for various purposes. Almost a hundred boys play at the attached mud ground nearby. However, due to Covid19, the number and timings have been limited.

One may witness many youngsters, elderly working out on the road and by the side. Usually, present in groups, they have their fixed spots and timing. What’s more welcoming is that everyone follows the pandemic protocol. From cycling to push-ups, one can see every other person passionately working out on themselves. If anyone needs the motivation to kick start their workout journey, just visit this road. The elderly take long walks as the road 3 to 3.5 Km long.

The road even consists of benches at regular intervals for people to sit and enjoy the scenery. As railway tracks are nearby, residents bring their children to witness trains running; from a distance. Even windmills reveal themselves through translucent clouds, making the scenery a treat to our eyes. Be it long drives or a peaceful walk, South road is a go-to place for everyone. At the side of the road, residents sit on the green carpet of grass, play music, and eat evening snacks.

People dress up especially to visit this road and click photographs. No one drives fast on this road as there are people and cattle present on the road, and even the drivers wish to enjoy the beautiful view. Deolali Camp’s Police do patrolling at this road at regular intervals to ensure safety for all and social distancing. Even the army trucks keep moving by the road throughout the day, keeping the spirit of the road alive.

The Forest Department and many other organisations warn people to be careful on this road as there have been frequent leopard sightings in the green carpet. Everyone is advised to stay extra careful while visiting the road. Nevertheless, to make your evenings beautiful and pleasant, visit Deolali Camp’s South Road. One can visit the road by the main route or through Banachawl’s extended road as well.

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