Thangaon villagers’ life changed with rolling drums
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Thangaon villagers’ life changed with rolling drums

Nikheel Pardeshi

Nashik: Women finish their work early and get some extra time for themselves. Girls in the village are not getting late for school anymore. This is the current picture of a small village named Thangaon. It is in Sinnar tehsil of Nashik.

All this has been changed by The United Kingdom-based foundation Wells on Wheels. The foundation has distributed 50 roller drums with a water carrying capacity of 45 liters, which is about 4 pots of water. The drum can run up to 7,000 kilometers. The foundation has decided to distribute 55 more drums in March 2020.

The founder of the foundation, Memon has said, “I set up Wells on Wheels to make an immediate difference to people’s lives. I know a wheel doesn’t solve a bigger problem, but I do know that a little comfort can make all the difference to the lives of people who already have a lot of hardship.

I have a team on the ground that will be following instructions to ensure that the wheels are reaching the homes of those that need it most. Needs are being assessed and we have a list of homes that will be receiving water wheels as and when the donations start to come in.”

The villagers have expressed that they have got some relief after getting these rolling drums. It is saving their time as the well is far from their village and takes 30 minutes to carry on a trip of water. With the rolling drums the weight on their head has come down and the water carrying capacity of them has also increased. The girls in villages are also happy with the initiative, as they are getting time for their schools.

Charity concert of Alexis Kings
The foundation has organized a charity concert of renowned British Band Alexis Kings. The band is going to perform a charity concert for Thangaon village. The concert will be held in March after the band finish their India tour. The foundation will distribute the 55 drums to the villagers on the same date. The foundation has requested to give donation on their website