Team efforts save life of leopard

Rescued by Forest Department, Eco Echo and veterinary officials
Team efforts save life of leopard

NASHIK: On last Saturday, a leopard was rescued at Eklahre village. The leopard was unable to move due to its condition and crawled into a pile of ashes in thick vegetation. The combined efforts of Veterinary officials Eco Echo Foundation and Forest Department has saved life of this growing female leopard. The leopard is currently under observation at Forest department’s Gangapur Nursery.

All involved in the rescue informed that it was very challenging rescue from every angle. The leopard was unable to walk and was crawling with her front legs. A truck driver saw it with other three leopards, who ran away as soon the truck arrived.

The truck driver then informed forest department the forest team and volunteers of Eco Echo Foundation reached the spot and traced the leopard in a pile of ashes which was covered in thick vegetation. After removing the bushes the leopard was taken out with help of JCB. The veterinary official Dr. Sachin Vende who was present at the spot inspected the female leopard immediately started her treatment.

He said, “We could have lost her if she was not rescued in a time. She was unable to move, when she was taken to the Government Veterinary Hospital at Ashok Stambh. On the day of rescue we only gave her saline and medicines to make her stable. The next day, we collected blood and samples and X-ray. But, it was revealed that she has no fractured bones. After getting its blood reports it came to light that she had a internal infection and her platelets were dropped immensely.”

On Third day, when the reports were received her treatment was changed accordingly. The leopard was dehydrated too and was provided with ample amount of liquid in her body. The same evening she was able to manage herself and seat properly. Yesterday, she was able to walk and was roaring in her cage. The forest officials informed that the she will be released soon in the natural habitat, after veterinary officials declare her fit.

No anesthesia: The veterinary officials and forest officials informed that the female leopard was rescued without using anesthesia on her. She was brought into the JCB basket slowly and was moved in van without making her unconscious. She is responding very well to the treatment, informed Dr. Sandip Pawar, veterinary official.

“We were not able to find her. We used drone camera to trace her for an hour but couldn’t trace her. The ground team somehow managed to find her pug mark and with help of locals who saw her, we were able to find her. The leopard was then rescued with the help of earthmover and brought to Gangapur Nursery for treatment.” -Vivek Bhadane, RFO, Nashik

“She’s now behaving normal, like a wild cat should. When we rescued her she was very weak and we were afraid that we may lose her. But due to timely treatment and diagnosis of her infection we were able to make her stable. Now, she’s roaring around her cage.” -Vaibhav Bhogale and Abhijeet Mahale, Eco-Echo Foundation

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