Teak wood trees to cover the tribal area

Teak wood trees to cover the tribal area

3,92,750 trees in Trimbakeshwar-Peth to be planted

NASHIK: Under the Vanmohotsav, the talukas covering the tribal areas will get teak wood plantation cover through the initiative of Forest Development Corporation. In the tribal-dominated talukas of Trimbakeshwar and Peth, 3,92,750 trees of the species Table teak wood species will be planted. Therefore, 175 hectare area in these two talukas will come under new teak cultivation.

Last year, a growing pandemic of corona had put a brake on the plantation campaign. Therefore, extensive tree planting campaign could not be carried out anywhere. As the second wave of corona receded this year, trees are being planted by the Department of Social Forestry along with the Regional Forest Department. This includes Nashik Divisional Forest Development Corporation. Teak will be planted in Peth and Trimbakeshwar talukas.

Teak is often planted by the Forest Development Corporation for tree planting. Last year also, 375 hectares were planted by the Forest Development Corporation. Meanwhile, pits have been dug a few days ago by the Forest Development Corporation for pre-monsoon work for teak cultivation. Also the seedlings have already been prepared. Planting will take place after heavy rains. Due to prolonged rains this year, the planting of trees in the regional forest department along with social forestry has stalled.

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