Suspend those doctors who refused posting : Tope

Suspend those doctors who refused posting : Tope


The situation in Malegaon is still not out of control and all necessary help is being provided to the district administration and health agency. A hundred doctors have been appointed here and some doctors have not joined service yet. District Collector should suspend those doctors who refuse to post and fail to join the service in the next 24 hours, instructed state Health Minister Rajesh Tope on Wednesday. He also expressed confidence to make mission Malegaon a success.

After reviewing coronavirus situation in Malegaon he interacted with media persons. Malegaon has a thick population and there is a rise in positive patients due to this. Twelve patients died in Malegaon as they neglected to take treatment in time. Coronavirus is spread in Malegaon due to ignorance, Tope said.

The number of those patients who are suffering from other diseases is also large. If private doctors do not open their OPDs, their licences will be cancelled, he warned.

PPE kits will be provided with those medical teams doing survey door to door. The portable kit will be given to those teams working in Malegaon. It is impossible to make suspects in Malegaon home quarantine. They will be quarantined in the isolation ward. The help of expert doctors will be sought to contain coronavirus spread in Malegaon. The help of priests will be taken to create awareness. Hospital having 200 beds has been kept reserved to treat non-COVID-19 patients, Minister Tope informed.

11 fresh COVID-19 cases in Malegaon

Meanwhile, 11 fresh Covid-19 cases reported in sealed Malegaon city on Wednesday. With this, the pandemic tally in Malegaon has increased to 184. Eight police personnel are among 11 fresh cases in Malegaon city. The report of one suspect in Yeola was received positive the number of total patients in Nashik district has risen to 204.

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