Sunstroke takes life of a vulture

Rescue teams' efforts fails as it dies of dehydration
Sunstroke takes life of a vulture

NASHIK: On May 2, a team of forest officials from the Dindori Forest range and Eco Echo Foundation’s rescue team admitted a vulture in a hustle. The vulture was weak, pale and unable to move. The team, under the guidance of veterinary medical officials Dr Sandeep Pawar and Dr Sachin Vende, took every possible care to save the vulture but on May 12, the big bird died due to severe dehydration.

The vulture was found in a farmer’s field in Nalegaon near Umbrale of Dindori Tehsil. The bird was dehydrated and found unconscious by the farmer. As the forest officials received the information, under the guidance of RFO Joshi, Forester Ashok Kale took the vulture to Nashik along with Abhijeet Mahale of Eco Echo Foundation.

The vulture was weak and was not able to stand on his feet, said Dr Sandeep Pawar, who was taking care of the vulture. He said that when the vulture arrived at the veterinary hospital, it was severely dehydrated. After some care, it recovered to some extent and was able to eat a few pieces of meat.

The vulture was fighting for his life, but his inner organs became weak and were not responding to the treatment. Unfortunately, on May 12, the vulture lost its battle. Wildlife lovers in the city have mourned the death of this big bird and have said that it's the loss of everyone.

“I am really saddened with such a loss. We gave it the best of the best treatment and kept a close watch on the bird. I was very hopeful that the bird will survive, as it had started eating. But unfortunately, its body was not responding properly, and its vitals were damaged due to severe dehydration. I really feel bad as we have lost such a big bird.” - Dr Sandeep Pawar, veterinary medical officer, Government Hospital

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