Sunstroke claims three lives in city

Sunstroke claims three lives in city

NASHIK: After recording season’s highest temperature at 41 degrees Celsius on Wednesday, the mercury in the city continues to soar high at 41.1 degrees for the second day in a row, leading to incidences of sunstrokes.

Three people have died of sunstroke in separate incidences in the city. Citizens are sweating while enduring hot winds and scorching heat while traveling in the afternoon.

The intensity of rising heat in Nashik has increased to such an extent that three civilians have died due to dizziness caused by sunstroke. Police have confirmed the cases.

According to administration, a citizen Uttam Kharat had come for a walk on the jogging track. There he felt dizzy. He was declared brought dead when shifted to hospital.

The second incident occurrred at Nashik Road. Vikas Vaman Bhave of Badlapur had come as the umpire for the national chess tournament which is being held at Maharashtra Alto Engineers and Research Academy. He got fainted while working as a referee. He died at the hospital.

The third incident took place in Makhmalabad village. Mohan Verma of Nashik Road fell down due to dizziness by heatstroke. He was declared dead when shifted to hospital. Doctors said the incident was due to rising heat.

Symptoms and precautions

  • After heat exhaustion, symptoms like dizziness, nausea, vomiting occurs. Headache, sweating every now and then. Fatigue causes muscle spasms. Body temperature rises above 104 degrees. Sweat does not come out so the skin remains hot and dry.

  • Sweating stops, pulse and respiratory rate are increased. Blood pressure initially rises and then decreases, stiffness in the body, numbness in the arms and legs, mental changes, irritability, confusion and fainting and sometimes can cause death.

  • Therefore, as soon as the symptoms of heat stroke appear, the person concerned should preferably be seated in an air-conditioned space, shade or cool place and remove excess clothing from the body.

  • Wipe the body with a damp cloth. Keep the air moving around. Ice should be placed on the neck, back and armpits of the affected person, said Dr Rahul Sawant.

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