Constable Pathak saves a pigeon

Such duty is for empathy
Constable Pathak saves a pigeon

Nashik: When we talk about police, a certain image stands in front of everyone. But the police are also human beings. They also have a feeling of compassion. “I don’t feel good if I see any injured animal or bird or in distress. I will never leave that fellow without helping him, even when I’m on duty”, expressed police constable Vivekananda Pathak while conveying his feelings to ‘Deshdoot’.

“Our duty under Indiranagar police station was at the check point near Wadala Road to ensure enforcement of Covid restrictions. I and my two colleagues were appointed there to keep a vigil. Yesterday, on April 29, morning a citizen came to us and told that a pigeon needs help as it is trapped in manja. I ran, picked it up and brought it to our check point. The pigeon was not moving at all. With help of my colleagues police constable Naikware and female colleague Shinde, we gave the bird some water. We cut off the manja gently.”

Constable Pathak told that the pigeon’s right wing was badly injured due to manja. The bird needed immediate treatment. Accordingly, he informed senior police inspector Nilesh Mainkar. He too promptly responded and quickly sent bird lover to the point where they were at duty. He handed over the pigeon to him for further treatment.

Sharing another experience during the lockdown last year, he said, “Last year during the lockdown I was given a duty at a check point at Pandavanagari area. At that place, we heard the sound of lapwing bird (popularly known as Titvi). It was coming towards us from a nearby bush and was going back and forth. When this happened many times, I was sure that the bird must be in some trouble. I immediately went to the bush and saw that the chicks had fallen out of their nest.

I immediately took a plastic box, filled it with grass, fix the box properly with the nest and kept the little ones there.” “In 1998, I was working in Panchavati police station. At that time Godavari river had a flood. A dog was seen being swept away in the floodwaters. I immediately ran towards a lifeguard and took my colleague with me. We ran with rope and give the other end to the lifeguard. The young man jumped and dog wrapped the rope around it and we pulled it out”, expressed Pathak with joy on his face.

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