Streets lights repaired at Nashik APMC

Streets lights repaired at Nashik APMC

Nashik: The traders in Nashik Agriculture Produce Market Committee had called a strike last week over recovery of 1% cess.The District Deputy Registrar had conducted a meeting of the board of directors of the committee and traders.

At that time, traders had complained that the streetlights were non-functional.Nashik Agricultural Produce Market Committee was collecting 1% cess from wholesale grain traders from the beginning of December.

The Nashik Grain Wholesalers Association had called an indefinite strike at the Sharadchandra Pawar Market Committee to protest against this. To address this, a meeting of the board of directors and the Association was held at the Market Committee office.

District Deputy Registrar Satish Khare chaired the meeting. At this time, the traders had said that the street lights were closed in the grain market and thefts were taking place. The District Deputy Registrar had asked the market committee to provide the basic facilities to the grain traders. Taking immediate notice of this, chairman Devidas Pingale and the board of directors have repaired the street lights.

The issue of street lights was raised in the meeting held in presence of the District Deputy Registrar. Chairman Pingalehad ordered to take an immediate action over this. Accordingly, the street lights at the grain market have been repaired, so there will be no theft. I and other traders have thanked the Market Committee for this.

- Rakesh Bhandari, grain trader

The demands made by the traders to the Market Committee have been met. Traders are satisfied as street lights have been repaired.

- Anil Bub, grain trader and former trader representative

The Agricultural Produce Market Committee belongs to the farmer. The Market Committee acts as a link between farmers and traders. In that connection, it is our duty to provide basic facilities to the traders. We have fulfilled that. They should contact me if they have any problem.

- Devidas Pingale, chairman, Agricultural Produce Market Committee, Nashik

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