Strays to be kept in shelter

Municipal Corporation launches special campaign
Strays to be kept in shelter

NASHIK: Motorists were being harassed by stray animals on the city’s main traffic routes. There is a risk of accidents as well as traffic jams. Strays in the city, especially those sitting on the street, are being picked up and sent to the shelter shed at Panchavati. This special campaign has been started by Nashik Municipal Corporation. This has created an atmosphere of satisfaction among the vehicle owners.

A fine of Rs 89,000 has been collected from the owners who released stray animals on roads in the last two months. Earlier, an elderly woman and a child were attacked by stray animals in the city. It also affects the traffic as it is crowded on city roads.

Nashik Municipal Corporation has given work to Sharan two months ago to save the citizens and vehicle owners from this problem. The organisation has calculated Rs 17 lakh for the year to keep the animals in the shelter. The organisation is now transporting the stray animals in their vehicles to the shelter shed.

A fine of Rs 2,800 is levied on the person who owns the animal. Earlier, the fine was Rs 2,900. Meanwhile, the work of picking up stray animals was earlier done by another organisation. Now, Sharan, an organisation based in the city, has been given the job.

Since January, animals are being picked up on the main roads of the city including Sarda Circle, Old Nashik, CBS, Gadkari Chowk and other important landmarks. Obstacles to vehicle owners appear to have been removed as the animals are being lifted. A total of 46 animals were picked up in January.

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