Stop untreated sewage discharge into nalla

Stop untreated sewage discharge into nalla

Demand locals, farmers

DEOLALI CAMP: The farmers and locals of Ward no.7 in Deolali Cantonment are strained due to the release of untreated sewage of Sai Nisarga Society directly into the natural nalla near their fields. The builder has turned a blind eye to their problems. Locals state that instead of continuous complaints, the board is deliberately ignoring the mess. The road nearby the nalla is the sole road to visit the farms.

The builder didn’t create a proper sewage treatment plan for the society, and now, the untreated sewage with a foul smell is being discharged in the nalla thus, polluting the natural stream. The area’s farmlands have been severely affected due to the discharge, and the polluted water is entering the nearby farm wells. The cattle in the area have fallen sick after drinking water from the polluted nalla.

Many animals have succumbed to the illness due to untreated sewage. The board and the builder have turned a blind eye to the farmers’ and locals’ current plight. They don’t realise the suffering of the localities. They need to work towards the problem and approach a common solution at the earliest.

Local farmers Mahesh Mojad, Sampat Gawande, Yuvraj Kshirsagar, Samadhan Nisal, Lakhan Mojad, Kalu Gawande, Rudaji Gawande, Dattu Mojad, Kailas Mojad, Vilas Mojad, Ranganath Mojad, Padurang Gawande, and others have warned of an agitation if the problem is not resolved immediately.

Will close the chambers permanently

“Farmers and locals have been harassed due to the sewage water, and the board isn’t taking any strict action against the wrongdoers. If the sewage discharge does not stop in two days, we will close the chambers permanently.” - Pramod Mojad, City Chief, Yuva Sena, Deolali Camp

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