Stop Spitting: Pledge & promote a healthy, clean city
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Stop Spitting: Pledge & promote a healthy, clean city

Gaurav Pardeshi

Gaurav Pardeshi

Abhishek Vibhandik


We can often see people spitting in public places in the city. It is not only spreading uncleanliness in the city but also creating health hazards through various diseases and infections.

The spitting found specifically at bus stands, public toilets, and parking places. Spitting also found in a few office walls and washrooms. Because of this, we see uncleanliness everywhere in the area. It feels filthy to go to that place.

The government should implement a strict law against those, who spit in public places. This will help qutting the bad habit of spitting at public places. Deshdoot Times talks to some Nashikites to know their views about this disgusting and anti-social habit.

“Citizens are often seen spitting out on the city streets or at offices. This not only causes unclealiness but also causes various infections. It can spread diseases like TB, swine flu. Penalties should be levied for the litterbugs in the city and the consequences of this should be explained to them.”

– Dr Arvind Pagar

“While going through the road, several citizens are seen spitting in the public places. It spreads different diseases. Due to such a bad habit and irresponsible act, there remains uncleanliness in the city area. Strict action should be taken against such citizens to stop this kind of thing. It is also necessary to raise awareness.”

– Kiran More

“The spitting at public places looks very dirty. Spitting causes uncleanliness and health issues. This anti-social act depicts bad image of our city and citizens before visitors and tourists.

– Jaydeep Thakur  

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