Stop neglecting the forts, demands Shivakarya Gadkot Conservation Society

Stop neglecting the forts, demands
Shivakarya Gadkot Conservation Society

NASHIK: Shivakarya Gadkot Conservation Society, in a statement submitted to Bhagwat Doiphode, Resident Deputy Collector, has demanded fort conservation and garbage-free forts of the beautiful forts in Nashik district. They stated the police, forest department, and local villagers should be responsible for protecting the forts, and the concerned authorities should pass an order for the same.

The miscreants are creating a ruckus on forts like Ramshej, Hatgad, Durgbhandar, Pisolgad, Salher, Mulher, Laling, and others. Due to the Section 144 imposed on the tourist sites, fort conservation campaigns have been put on hold. However, these forts witness a huge rush on weekends as tourists from the surrounding area flock at these forts. Historic buildings, tombs, and flagpoles are being destroyed by the miscreants. They have excavated idols, palaces and made pits for wealth at Ramshej, Hatgad, Indrai, and Devpur.

Due to the negligence of local villagers, police, and forest department, these culprits are causing irreplaceable damage to the forts. Due to a lack of enough attention, these forts have become unsafe. Nashik district has the highest number of forts in the state. The events of Gadkot and other major historical events that happened at these forts have been completely ignored. The society has submitted letters to the State Government and district administration.

However, the neglect of Gadkot continues. As the forest department doesn’t register the tourists, the culprits have a free entry-exit pass for these forts. The illegal excavations at Brahmagiri and forts are citing a threat to the Nashik’s culture. Society demands immediate action and an appropriate solution from the dy collector. Ram Khurdal, Founder of Shivakarya Gadkot Conservation Society, Nishikant Pagare of Bramhagiri Kriti Samiti, Prabhakar Vaichale, Kiran Kale, Nitin Kolekar were present at the occasion.

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