Start MST pass service, demand commuters

Start MST pass service, demand commuters

Nashik : State minister for higher and technical education Uday Samant has announced a rebate of Rs 16,250 to engineering students from government aided institutes for not using the library, gymkhana and other facilities on campus as students have not attended physical classes in over a year, as per a press statement.

“Students admitted to government and government-aided autonomous engineering institutes have to pay fees other than tuition fees. These students did not use the library, gymkhana and other educational facilities as they were not present in the college due to Covid lockdown, so they should not be charged for the same,” Samant said in the press statement.

“Considering the problems of students and parents in the backdrop of the ongoing pandemic, it has been decided to give a discount of Rs 16,250 to students,” he said. The amount will be deducted from fees that students will be charged for the 2021-22 academic year.

This decision will benefit nearly 20,000 students across the state, the minister announced. Announced late Thursday evening, the decision came after a meeting between Samant, the principal secretary of the department of higher and technical education, the director of the Directorate of Technical Education (DTE) and college professors.

27% water stock in district dams 1780.6 mm rainfall from June 1 in district Nashik : Due to heavy rainfall last year, even though we have reached at the end of June, the reservoirs in the district have a satisfactory water storage at 27%. Last year, it was 29 per cent during the same period.

In the meantime, 1780.6 mm mm of rainfall was recorded from June 1 to 23 in the district of the June average rainfall of 2704.80 mm. Like last year, this year, even if the arrival of monsoon is assumed to be delayed a little bit after some spells in May and at the beginning of June, there seems to be no shortage of water due to satisfactory water stock in reservoirs.

The district has been receiving satisfactory rainfall for the last two years. In 2020, Girna dam, the largest dam in North Maharashtra, apart from the Gangapur and Darna medium capacity dams, were 100 per cent full for the second year in a row. Other small and large dams were also flooded while discharge of water was continued from big dams. Therefore, even though the month of May dawned this year, the dams had satisfactory water reserves.

Despite the rotation for agriculture and industry this summer, the dams still have a satisfactory water reserve. The  Gangapur dam, which quenches the thirst of Nashik city, has 37% water storage at present. Last year it was 45 per cent, while the Gangapur Dam Complex has 27% water storage as against 30% of the last year.

Therefore, this year, Nashikites had not faced the crisis of water cut in summer. The situation was similar in the district. To a big relief, the meteorological department has announced the onset of monsoon in Maharashtra. But it is a past experience that rains take a break after raining heavily in early June. Given this whimsical nature, the available water reserves will have to be used sparingly.

Anupam Kashyapi, head of weather forecasting department, India Meteorological Department (IMD) Pune, said “There is no immediate revival of the monsoon. From June 25 to July 1, Konkan and Goa will receive less than normal rainfall. Other subdivisions will get normal rainfall.” He added that monsoon progress has halted.

The Northern Limit of the Southwest Monsoon (NLM) continues to remain the same since Wednesday. No immediate revival of the monsoon. Leopard spotted in Chunchale area Nashik: Two days after an incident in Vilholi, a leopard attacked a dog on Medage’s farm on Friday in the Chunchale area, causing panic among the citizens, the forest department has set up a cage in the area to trap the leopard.

Leopards enter urban areas searching for food from the forest, and their appearance leads to a human-leopard conflict. A few days ago, the villagers had seen a female leopard and two calves in the mining area near Vilholi village. The forest department set up a cage in the area to catch leopards. Two days later, a leopard was spotted in the Chunchale area.

At around 8 pm, a leopard attacked a puppy in the field of Shaila Medage, a resident of Chunchale, and Medge witnessed the incident. Yesterday, MLA Seema Hiray and Corporator Alka Ahire visited Medage Mallya. Nashik : As Panchavati Express resumed its journey, the worries of the commuters in Nashik district have lessened to some extent.

However, the Central Railways have not yet started the monthly season ticket (MST) pass service, which has come as a shocker to the daily commuters. ‘Start MST pass’, a demand that is frequently being raised by travel associations, The expectation that the MST pass facility would certainly start considering of the daily commuters following the resumption of Panchavati, has been dashed.

Pandemic has prompted to suspend monthly passes for the past one year. After the corona’s condition improves, the railways had decided to start some trains in phases. It was expected that the monthly pass would also be introduced after the commencement of the trains, but the railways decided to start only reserved tickets instead of general ticket, MST pass.

It is beyond the reach of commuters to travel by daily reserved ticket. While the cost of first class pass is Rs 5000, the same cost has reached Rs 19,000. The launch of Panchavati Express has reduced the rush of passengers. Earlier, the Rajyarani Express was the only train departing from Nanded in the morning.

Even for the return journey from Mumbai, the commuters had to rely on this train. Pachavati Express arrives at Nashik Road railway station at 9.30 pm. Rajyarani arrives at 10.30 pm, which makes Panchavati Express important for commuters.

The start of Panchavati Express has eased daily travelling for passengers from Nashik. However, due to the MST pass ban, mixed reactions revoked from the commuters. Some have quit their jobs as the MST pass is closed, while others say they will go to work only when the pass service restarts.

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