SSS marksheet
SSS marksheet|SSC marksheet mandatory for admission to Class XI
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SSC marksheet mandatory for admission to Class XI

New notification issued

Gaurav Pardeshi

Gaurav Pardeshi


Currently, the online admission process for Class XI is underway and students are required to upload the online marks for Class XI while filling up the admission form.

Due to the situation of Covid-19, Deputy Secretary Rajendra Pawar has sent a letter to the Director of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education regarding various certificates to be submitted by the students for this year's online admission process.

Now, it is mandatory for students to upload SSC marksheet while filling up the application form for online admission process for Class XI. The certificates like Sports proficiency, disability, ex-servicemen, orphan certificate and transfer order are required for admission.

The parallel reservation or a copy of the application submitted for obtaining these certificates will be required to be uploaded by the students at the time of filling up the application.

If the students do not submit the required certificates for the admission process due to some technical issues, a guarantee letter should be filled by them.

Students are given three months to submit the required certificates. Since the admission for the students will be given on the basis of the information and guarantee submitted by the students, it has been suggested to the students that it is their responsibility to submit the correct documents.