Solar-powered panchayats in district soon

Solar-powered panchayats in district soon
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NASHIK: Zilla Parishad, Nashik, will give priority to installing a solar power generation system in the gram panchayats instead of installing the solar street lights. The computer system of gram panchayat will be able to work on an uninterrupted power supply through this solar power.

The sun is the main source of energy. There is no need to install any meter in the house to get solar energy and you do not have to pay any bills. A large amount of solar energy is available but people in rural areas are not aware of it. Instead, for cooking, people cut down trees. It takes time to create awareness about this.

Electricity rates have skyrocketed in the last few years. Consumers have to bear the brunt of rising electricity bills. The electricity demand is steadily increasing and energy sources are dwindling rapidly.

It is important to consider the option before triggering a power crisis. This fact has forced the government to focus on the unconventional source of energy. Also, concessions have been made to encourage people to use solar energy in their homes.

As a part of this, unconventional energy scheme is being implemented by the Agriculture Department of Zilla Parishad. It mainly deals with setting up solar street lights and solar power generation centres for gram panchayat offices in rural areas.

However, this year, the Zilla Parishad will give priority to installing solar power generation systems in the panchayats instead of installing solar street lights. The computer system of the panchayat will be able to work on an uninterrupted power supply on this solar power.

Load shedding has increased significantly in rural areas. Also, the cost of paying electricity bills of gram panchayats has increased. With this in mind, priority is given to setting up solar energy generation systems for solar street lights and gram panchayats through the unconventional source of energy.

Although this scheme is being implemented through the Agriculture Department, the PWD department has also started the implementation of this scheme since last year.

It mainly consists of erecting solar street lights. Due to this, it has been decided to give priority to setting up solar power generation system at the panchayat offices from the funds received by the Agriculture Department.

Last year, the PWD department had installed a large number of solar street lights from the re-planning fund. As a result, there was a saving in the cost of electricity in many villages. However, this year the scheme has been given priority as the solar power generation system is more viable than that.

This year there is less funding for unconventional energy schemes. The Agriculture Department clarified that after deducting the liability, there will be very little funds left for the actual work.

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