Soil testing work leading to traffic jams

Soil testing work leading to traffic jams

(Article by Yudish Dubey)

NASHIK: Nashik Municipal Corporation in association with RMK infrastructure Pvt Ltd is conducting soil testing at Trimurti-Kamatwade road to determine whether the soil quality is good enough for future projects. The testing is causing inconvenience to people in the area as it’s one of the most important roads used for commuting in the city.

The digging has led to a narrowing down of space available for daily commuters; even before the testing started, the road used to face traffic issues. To gather more information on the work and note the struggles Nashikites are facing, Deshdoot Times interviewed daily commuters and the officers present on site.

The on-site manager, on the condition of anonymity, informed that roads are being drilled for soil testing. The stretch of road from MICO circle to Trimurti Chowk would be dug up to check the soil quality to determine if the soil is durable enough for future projects like a flyover. They have finished testing the majority of the road belt. He added that the work would get finalised in the next 20 days, and the inconvenience is temporary. They will try to sum up the work as soon as possible.

A daily commuter (anonymous) shared the struggles that he faces while driving through Trimurti-Kamatwade road. He stated how the road is overcrowded regularly, and the digging of this road is like salt on the wound. In the evening, a person could take 30 minutes to pass the given stretch of road since the roads have been narrowed down.

The chances of getting into a car crash have increased due to the traffic menace caused by the work. traffic congestion leads to problems like air and noise pollution and could further lead to health hazards. The roads after being dug would not be repaired appropriately and become uneven and could lead to many more issues like formation of potholes, collection of silt, and dusty air.

The commuter further requested the authorities to finalise the work with full efficiency. To solve the issue of traffic jams and to make commuting a better experience in the future, the authorities are working hard.

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