Social distancing violations galore in city

Main Road, Bhadrakali witness overcrowding
Social distancing violations galore in city
Main Road, Bhadrakali witness overcrowdingSocial distancing violations galore in city


Though district collector Suraj Mandhare had strictly asked Nashikites to wear a face mask and follow social distancing norms, several people were yesterday seen violating the guidelines. Similar scenes were witnessed in markets of Panchavati, Bhadrakali, Main Road and old Nashik, too.

“People are not following social distancing. Initially, circles were drawn outside shops to maintain social distancing and people used to follow them. Now, people seemed to have forgotten about social distancing. In offices such as banks, there is not much space to follow social distancing,” lamented a resident.

In times of when the number of corona patients is increasing in the city, the roads in the old Nashik area, however, have been reopened. The barricades in the area have also been removed. There is a huge increase in the number of citizens hitting the streets is being witnessed in the area and it is a fact that safety is not being observed.

Roads at Naikwadipura, Kazipura, Ajmeri Chowk, Chowk Mandai, Bagwanpura, Chawhata, Bhimwadi, Ghas Bazar, Motha Rajwada, Khadkali, Kokanipura and other places were completely closed. The roads in the area were closed for more than 18 days.

However, now that the roads are reopened, the crowds are increasing. So, there is no different picture in Bhadrakali, Dahipool, Bhandi Bazaar, Main Road and Raviwar Peth.

At Panchavati Karanja, Raviwar Karanja, Nimani and Dindori Naka also, the 'lawlessness' of the citizens is more evident. In prime market places in the city, it was found that some of the people were not following the laid down guidelines at a time when the city is witnessing a surge in Covid cases.

The COVID-19 tally in the district is inching closer to 13000-mark. At the crowded market places, it was noticed that people had pulled down their face mask and were roaming around freely.

Due to the rush, there was hardly any social distancing.“There are a large number of vendors and visitors here. So, social distancing is not possible here.

It can be implemented here if specific spaces are marked and there is a strict vigil,” said a customer. Risk of infectionOvercrowding on both sides of the road, traffic jams, big presence of hawkers and peddlers in the market and adding to this heavy rush of customers ahead of Rakshabandhan festival.

These factors are adding worries of the administration as people are openly flouting social distancing guidelines and neglecting proper use of masks.

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