Smart parking to go live from March 1
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Smart parking to go live from March 1

Nikheel Pardeshi

22 parking spaces with 4,124 parking spots to be available


Nashik Municipal Smart City Development Corporation (NMSCDCL) has decided to open the much-awaited project of Smart Parking to start from March 1. The decision was made by the board of director and president of the company in the recent meeting.

The project will be available for Nashikites under the Nashik Smart City Project. Nashikites can select their preferred parking spot with Nashik Smart Parking android and iOS applications on their smartphones.

NMSCDCL identified various spots in the city through study finalized 33 spaces for implementing the Smart Parking Project. The project will be implemented in two categories, on-street parking and off-street parking.

Accordingly, around 28 places are being implemented as on-street and in 5 places there will be off-street parking. The company has now finally decided to make Smart Parking to ‘Go Live’ at 22 places in city. Smart parking will be charged Rs 5 per hour for two-wheeler and Rs 10 per hour four-wheeler.

The official from Smart city said, “While designing the smart parking lot, the plan was made by studying all of the identified places in the rainy season, the crowds in the peak hours, and non-ferrying area.

After taking all such in consideration the 33 spaces are made. Currently, smart parking is being implemented in 22 places in the city. It will have 18 places of on-street and 4 places of off-street smart parking.”

Nashik city has a major issue of parking. The illegal parking’s on the roadside by the errant drivers creates heavy traffic situations in the city. NMSCDCL has said that the Smart Parking project will solve the issue of traffic due to illegal parking.

Smart Parking

Currently, the smart parking system is being implemented at 22 places in the city on a primary basis. It’s going to be GO LIVE soon. Sensors have been installed wherever smart parking is located. That is, if any four-wheeler is parked in a smart parking lot, the sensors will detect it.

By this, the control room of smart parking will create data on how many vehicles are parked in smart parking at any given time on a live basis. If one is in a hurry, a parking spot can be selected in the nearby place available on Nashik Smart Parking App. Online payment can be easily done on the app. The displays near the parking lots will also tell about the available lots of parking.