Smart City serves notice to contractor

Smart City serves notice to contractor

NASHIK: A mechanical (automatic) balloon gate was to be installed at the Holkar bridge under the Smart City’s project Goda. The work was started by the contractor before Covid. From the beginning, this work was strongly opposed by activist Dewang Jani.

He had raised the issue of massive corruption in this work by getting tenders of Rs. 24 crore to a contractor by setting up two dummy contractors. Accordingly, Jani has informed that Smart City has finally issued a notice to the concerned contractor to cancel the contract.

Large-scale development works are being carried out in the city under the Nashik Smart City project. As part of this, special works are being carried out from Ramwadi Bridge to Talkuteshwar Bridge under Project Goda. Goda Park near Ramwadi Bridge is being newly developed, and cement concrete in Godapatra has been removed from Dutondya Maruti to Gadge Maharaj Bridge.

An automatic balloon gate was to be installed under the Holkar bridge. The tender for this work was approved a few months back and the actual work had started. A large number of rocks were quarried with earthmovers, diamond cutter machines. Since the installation of automatic gates would endanger the Panchavati area, the work was opposed.

The cost of a balloon gate is Rs 7.5 crore, and the contract was given of Rs 24 crores. This question was asked by petitioner Dewang Jani to Smart City. On this, Smart City said that out of this, Rs. 14 crore will be spent on civil works. Jani had alleged that the owner of three contracts in this work was the same, and he had set up two dummy companies. The Smart City has finally issued a notice to the contractor of the automatic gate to cancel the contract.

"This balloon gate will not benefit the residents in any way. On the contrary, it will act as an obstruction, and floods will hit hard in the rainy season. The Hyderabad-based contractor has been hired for the work, and Smart City has issued a contract cancellation notice to the contractor after it was revealed that there was corruption in the work."- Dewang Jani (Petitioner and Godapremi)

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