Sidewalls on Nagzira Bridge still a distant dream

Sidewalls on Nagzira Bridge still a distant dream

DEOLALI CAMP: Deolali Camp’s Nagzira Bridge is in dire need of sidewalls and bright street lights. The bridge is one of the main roads to connect the city and Deolali Camp to Bhagur. Even the army commutes daily from this bridge to reach their workshops and supply depot. This bridge serves the most to the residents of Deolali Camp, Bhagur, Banachal, and Vijaynagar.

However, due to the absence of sidewalls, the chances of residents falling over the bridge into the nalla increase. The Rest Camp Road, the link of Deolali Camp and Bhagur on which the Nagzira bridge is located, is filled with potholes and stray cattle. The potholes not only damage the vehicles, but they can also lead to major accidents.

The stray cattle also surround the road making it difficult for commuters to pass. In such a situation, the risk of tripping over the bridge due to the absence of side walls increases. Recently, a two-wheeler rider got severely injured as he fell into the nalla with his wife.

Various organisations have demanded the Cantonment Board of Deolali to increase the bridge’s height as, during the monsoon period; the nalla’s water fills it up and leads to traffic congestion. The bridge also needs side walls and bright street lights due to the absolute darkness at the bridge post sunset.

However, the organisation’s request falls on deaf ears as the board hasn’t started working on the bridge yet. The residents of Sathe Nagar, Stationwadi area, state that even after informing the corporators from time to time, the situation remains the same.

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