Shramdaan makes miracle, river looks clean

Shramdaan makes miracle, river looks clean

TRIMBAKESHWAR: In view of the Simhastha Kumbh Mela of 2027, the planning has begun much before in Trimbakeshwar. Citizens, sects, sadhus and mahants have together made a miracle through shramdaan by cleaning Neelganga river that had turned into a nala. This miracle was transformed through Shramdaan through the collective efforts of Harigiriji Maharaj of Akhada Parishad.

On the road (shahi marg) leading to Mahamandleshwar Nagar in Pimpalat, there is a river called Goldari-Govardhan. Over a time, the river has become neglected and turned into a nala.

As per the Neelganga mythology, as the river origins from the Neel mountain, accordingly, this river has been named as Parashuram Ganga yesterday. At this time, the priest chanted the mantra.

The river was littered with plants, plastic, etc. Harigiriji Maharaj did a shramdaan yesterday for the purpose of maintaining the environment and cleaning this river.

Maharaj was accompanied by councillors and municipal officials who took part in the shramdaan. The area was planted with trees and an oath was taken to keep the trees alive. Bell, Vad, Pimpal and other native saplings were planted.

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