Video : Short film is creatively challenging

Video : Short film is creatively challenging


The making of 50 seconds short film is more creative and challenging for the filmmakers. The time limit will make the participants think more which will take out some really good content from the film. The message and the content is the most important part in the short film making and one should focus on that.

The Deshdoot Short Film Competition and Festival is a opportunity for young filmmakers to test themselves for careers in film making and for the seasoned ones to showcase their talents, expressed panel of experts in Deshdoot Samwad Katta.

Deshdoot Samwad Katta, this week focused on Deshdoot Short Film Competition and Festival, wherein a panel of experts was invited to discuss about short film making. The experts appreciated the efforts of Deshdoot for creating awareness about Civic Sense through short film competition.

The experts discussed about the awareness about civic sense through short films. The discussion was joined by Suhas Bhosale, Ar. Jayesh Apate, musician Mohan Upasani and Paresh Chitnis.  The experts said that the Short film is a very strong medium to communicate with society and to deliver your message through your creative skills.

It allows you to say the things which you want to in a more impactful manner and in a short time. The message and content in your film should be strong; it will definitely hit the audience and society at large. The storytelling ability should be there to convey the exact message to the audience.

The length of the short film does not matter much if the message is strong. The length of this short will bring out the skills and creativity of the maker. It may bring out the capacities of the participants as a good filmmaker. The topic of civic sense will allow them to find new creative dimensions.

The length will give more scope for creativity, discussed experts. Youngsters are very aware and they know what technology they have. Use of technology is moving from entertainment to education.  For the budding filmmakers, the experts said that sound is very important for a short film as it is an audiovisual medium.

Instead of using effects and material available on the internet, participants should search for natural sounds which will give a realistic feel. The panellist appreciated the efforts of Deshdoot and campaign of civic sense. They also hoped that the competition will bring a new generation of film makers from the country.

The change starts from you with the same principle the leading media house of North Maharashtra ‘Deshdoot’ has initiated a campaign on civic sense. Deshdoot wants everyone to join hands for the same. Under the campaign to make it people’s movement Deshdoot has organized a Short Film Competition and Festival. Participants from all across India can participate in this National level Competition and avail the guidance of expert filmmakers on topics like production and post-production. The event is powered by Zee and supported by Indian documentary Producers’ Association. More details are available on

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