Shopkeepers suffering from dusty roads

Shopkeepers suffering from dusty roads

DEOLALI CAMP: The Deolali Camp residents and shopkeepers have expressed dissatisfaction with the increasing dust piles on camp roads as the dust is not only damaging the shops’ commodities; it’s also affecting the residents’ health. The shopkeepers alleged that the workers don’t clean the streets regularly, and the dust keeps piling on the road. Even the timing sanitation workers choose for cleaning is highly inappropriate. Instead of cleaning it early morning, they start sweeping near 10:00 a.m. when the shops open.

Due to irregular cleaning, the dust damages the goods and commodities, and the shop owners/workers need to clean their shops every two hours. Not only the shopowners, but even residents are facing health problems and travelling inconvenience due to this prevalent problem. The dust particles cause common cold, cough, and skin infections. When travelling, once the dust enters in motorist’s eyes, his/her vision becomes zero, thus increasing the chances of accidents.

The Cantonment Board of Deolali needs to take immediate steps as already, the dengue and chikungunya cases are on the rise in town. The sanitation process and grass eradication campaign started a bit late, and the residents had to suffer the consequences. The residents had complained to the board earlier about the dusty roads, but the board didn’t take any action. When Deshdoot Times tried contacting the board’s health superintendent, he didn’t respond.

“The dust problems look like a textbook problem, but it is quite bigger than that. Ask someone who has to face the dusty roads every day for hours. The customers, shopkeepers, and even the residents are suffering immensely. I don’t know when the board will wake up.”- Rahul Kukreja

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