Shivkarya Gadkot’s expedition at Waghera fort

Shivkarya Gadkot’s expedition at Waghera fort

NASHIK: Shivkarya Gadkot Samvardhan Sanstha has carried out a fort conservation campaign at Waghera fort on 31st January. The Sanstha has been working for the past 11 years to conserve and renovate various forts in Nashik.

This campaign marked their 122nd fort conservation campaign. During the inspection, the fort was cleaned, debris was cleared and the ruins, due to damage, were repaired and renovated for four hours.

They even removed unwanted thorns and bushes off the castle. The Sanstha stated that neither the government is working for the forest conservation nor are they recognising the organisations working hard for the it.

Some members even got beaten by the villagers while they went to renovate the fort Founder of the Sanstha, Ram Khurdal, Sagar Shelar, Tushar Pingale, Eknath Bendkoli, Bhushan Aute, Bharat Pingale, Kartik Shelke, Shivaji Dhondge and others participated in the campaign.

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