Shifting of projects is a matter of concern: Bhujbal

Shifting of projects is a matter of concern: Bhujbal


While the Airbus project with an investment of more than Rs 22000 crores is expected to take shape in Maharashtra, the proposed project is taking place in Gujarat. Many important projects coming up in Maharashtra are being diverted to other states, this matter is very worrying for the citizens of Maharashtra and the said project should be completed in Nashik’s HAL company, a request was made to Ratan Tata, the supremo of Tata Industries Group in October 2021, informed by the former deputy chief minister Chhagan Bhujbal while interacting with media representatives in Nashik yesterday.

He said that in September 2021, the Government of India had signed an agreement of Rs 22,000 crore with Airbus for investment in the country. The work of this aircraft manufacturing company came to Tata Company. In this regard on 31st October 2021, Bhujbal claimed that he has written to Ratan Tata requesting that this project be set up in HAL, an experienced company operating in Ozar, Nashik. We’ll provide all the facilities you need, he further stated.

For the interest of Maharashtra, the leaders working in Delhi need to try to bring more investment into the State. Devendra Fadnavis, the former Chief Minister of the state and the sitting deputy chief minister has personally taken care of at least no project that will go outside Maharashtra.

He also said that attention should be paid to more investment. Also, Chief Minister Eknath Shinde said that Maharashtra will soon receive a gift from the Centre for a big project. But one project after another is going elsewhere. This needs attention and the leader of the country is the leader of the entire nation. At this time, Bhujbal criticized that the PM should not be limited only to a leader of Gujarat.

On the question of putting pictures of great men and gods on the currency notes, he said that even though there are many problems in the country including inflation, unemployment, and heavy rains, he criticized that efforts are being made to stir up the unwanted issues. Also talking about the new education policy, he said that schools in remote areas should not be closed, schools are needed for tribal rural students.

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