Sewage overflow in Shigwa

Residents suffering
Sewage overflow in Shigwa

DEOLALI CAMP: Deolali Cantonment Board’s Shigwa Village (Shigve Bhagula), Ambadwadi, and Sonewadi area in ward no.7 are witnessing sewage overflow and road being turned into a pool. The overflow is a result of the sewage treatment plant’s poor planning by the board. The residents have to suffer from the stench, mosquitoes and are at high risk of water-borne diseases.

Former Shiv Sena vice city chief Datta Sujgure and others have warned the board of immediately resolving this issue or else; the Shiv Sena party will start an agitation against the board.

The board spent crores of rupees on roads and the sewage treatment plant. However, the results show that the board has wasted the money, and the poor quality got exposed in public. The board and even the public representatives are ignoring the residents’ plight.

Now, the residents’ health is at high risk as untreated water has spread across the roads. As a result, they have decided to stage an agitation if the board doesn’t repair the line immediately.

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