Sevagram Express halt at Nandgaon cancelled

Commuters visiting Nashik face inconvenience
Sevagram Express halt at Nandgaon cancelled

NASHIK: Stop of Nagpur Mumbai Sevagram Super Fast Express has been canceled at Nandgaon railway station. The Sevagram Express was started by the railway administration in January, taking into account the demand of passengers travellig to Nashik, Mumbai. However, due to the fact that Sevagram is getting very little response from the passengers, the Sevagram stop has been canceled from May 19. The railway administration has announced this through a letter.

Passengers are worried as train stop at Nandgaon station has been canceled again. Due to cancellation of only Sevagram Express train by railway administration for citizens of Nandgaon tehsil travelling to Mumbai, Nashik, passengers have expressed outrage that Nandgaon railway station has now remained a railway station just by name. The railway department is under the jurisdiction of the central government hence MP Dr Bharti Pawar should take immediate steps to resume the train service from Nandgaon.

Such a demand has been made by travel associations. Demanding that the stop of passenger train at Nandgaon should not be canceled, MLA Suhas Kande has in a letter to the station manager of Nandgaon railway station sought immediate resumption of passenger train service. At present, due to the prevalence of Corona, other passenger traffic services are closed and railways is the only option available to passengers.

But due to cancellation of Nagpur-Mumbai Sevagram Super Fast Express, and Habibganj Lokmanya Tilak Terminus Super Fast Weekly Express, the people of Nandgaon taluka are facing many difficulties. MLA Kande has said in the letter that the railway administration has done injustice to the people of Nandgaon by canceling the halt of these passenger trains.

As the only Sevagram Express train stopping at Nandgaon railway station has been canceled, the railway administration should provide an alternative train at Nandgaon railway station for the people of Nandgaon tehsil, reiterated MLA Kande at the end of his statement.

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