Set up food processing institute in Nashik: MP Godse

Discusses proposal with Union Minister Patel
Set up food processing institute in Nashik: MP Godse

NASHIK: Stating that 80% of families in Nashik district are dependent upon agriculture for livelihood, MP Hemant Godse has raised a demand with Union Minister of State for Food Processing and Industries Pralhad Patel to set up National Institute of Food Processing and Technology (NIFPT) in Nashik to ease hardships of farmers and create employability. India is an agricultural country and Maharashtra is a leader in agriculture related business in the country, besides Nashik district is number one in the number of farmers who depend on agriculture.

Hemant Godse asked Union Minister of State for Food Processing and Industries Pralhadji Patel to set up a Food Processing and Technology Institute in Nashik for this purpose. The Union Ministry of Food Processing has clarified that Maharashtra is among the top four states with food processing capacity. In Maharashtra, especially in Nashik district, paddy, wheat, maize, bajra, onion and other leafy vegetables, as well as grapes, pomegranates and mangoes, are produced in large quantities. Nashik is number one in the country for onion and grape.

Due to lack of food processing and technology system in the district, farmers in the district are not able to process their raw commodities. As a result, they have to export their goods abroad. This has slowed down the economic progress of the farmers in the district. Farmers from different areas have been raising the demand to set up a food processing and technology institute in the district.

Taking note of the sentiments of the farmers, MP Godse has called on Union Minister Pralhad Patel yesterday. Discussing in detail about agricultural products in Nashik district, MP Godse said, “If a food processing and technology institute is set up here for the benefit of the farmers, it will be much easier to process the raw materials available to the farmers.

This will definitely boost the economic graph of the farmers. The connectivity required for transportation in the district is at par and this will benefit the institute,” he said and added that the minister has assured that the proposal will be considered amicably and a positive decision will be taken soon.

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