SET exam to be held online

University to send proposal to UGC
SET exam to be held online

Nashik: To qualify for the post of Assistant Professor, Savitribai Phule Pune University conducts SET examination. Future the examinations can be taken online instead of offline. The National Testing Agency (NTA) conducts the NET examination online, and a proposal will be submitted to the Steering Committee to conduct the SET examination in the same manner.

In order to be eligible for the post of Assistant Professor in the State of Maharashtra and Goa, a 'SET' examination is conducted by the University of Pune. One lakh students from across the state apply for this examination. Changes are being made in the rules and regulations of the 'SET' examination over time. Earlier there were three papers for the set test, in which the second paper was checked only if one is passed in the first paper, then if he/she passed in the second paper, the third paper was checked and the result was decided.

But now there are only two papers. There is also a rule of at least 6% result. It takes a big mechanism to take the offline test of 'SET'. It also takes time to get results. At the national level, both UGC NET and CSIR NET are conducted by the National Testing Agency (NTA). NTA has decided to take the CSIR NET examination online during the lockdown period, according to which both the examinations are now online. The ‘SET’ examination conducted by Pune University was postponed due to Corona. During this time the idea was to take the examination online. Since it is not possible to take the examination in such a sudden manner, the 'SET' examination which will be conducted in the month of December will be held offline.

However, the next set of examinations is likely to be online. Like 'NET', 'SET' examination it is also planned to be taken online. For this, computer system is required for examination in all parts of the state. Also, the proposal for online examination will be put before the steering committee and once it is approved, the proposal will be sent to UGC. It is understood that final approval will be obtained after investigation by UGC.

State representatives at the steering wheel

The steering committee consists of two Vice-Chancellors of the University, two Professors, the Director of Higher Education, the Registrar of the University of Pune and the Joint Secretary of the UGC.

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