Seismic activity recorded in Peth

Seismic activity recorded in Peth

400-km radius area under research

NASHIK: The villages Asadanpada, Asarbari, Kotambi witnessed seismic activity on Tuesday at 6:58 am. The tremors were felt for almost a minute. The trembling of the ground and the ensuing noise created some fear among the citizens. The tremors were recorded at 3 on the Richter scale. In the meantime, the administration has also confirmed this and Meri’s seismometer has recorded a Richter magnitude scale and fortunately no loss of life or property has been reported.

The administration has received information that the tremors were also felt in Bhaygaon, Gonde, Ekdare, Jamunmal, Hedpada, Kohor, Jogmodi, Peth and Khokartale of Peth talukas. The villages of Peth tehsil, Dalwat and Jaydar fall on the border of Gujarat and experience frequent tremors. The villages Otur and Kundane of Kalwan have a similar story. The tremors are mild and often register a reading of three on the rector’s scale but it is possible that the strength of these waves may increase.

There are no records of any loss of lives, but the tremors are affecting the geology of the area as the wells are getting dried up. In the year 2017, Nashik city also experienced mild tremors on two to three occasions. The epicentre of these tremors was recorded 30 km away from Nashik. In the year 2018, a team of geologists from New Delhi came for research on the frequent tremors reported in the tehsils of Peth and Kalwan in the last two years. The scientists are still researching the seismic activity of these tremors and try to locate its hypocentre.

The main focus of this team will be on finding the hypocentre of the tremors, the reason behind the tremors, geology of the area and will find out the impact of the earthquake in the region. Based on their research, the scientists will also provide the action plan in case of an earthquake.

Taking note of these incidents the Disaster Management Cell of Nashik followed up with the state and Central governments. A team of scientists from New Delhi paid a visit to Nashik. At that time, after gathering information from the ground, the scientists said that the situation warranted concern, as all the villages that reported tremors are situated in the footsteps of mountains.

“The research on frequent tremors in the area of Nashik and Palghar district is underway. It is a five-year research project. Under the project, 400 kilometres of the area is under research from Nashik to Palghar and Gujrat border area. A detailed research report will be submitted by the scientists.” - Prashant Waghmare, District Disaster Management Cell

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