SEC announces final ward structure

Nashik Municipal Corporation
SEC announces final ward structure

NASHIK: The much awaited final ward structure for the civic election to Nashik Municipal Corporation was announced on Saturday by State Election Commission (SEC). With this poll bugle is sounded for the five-yearly municipal election.

Out of the 211 objections filed with regard to 44 wards structure, altogether 200 objections were rejected. The ward structure of seven wards has been changed according to 11 objections. As a result, the population of the wards has changed. The changes in wards 9, 16, 17, 35 and 37 in the final ward structure however have come as a shocker to the party stalwarts.

The process, which was postponed till March 10 for the 18 municipal elections in the state, has resumed as per the Supreme Court order. The final ward structure was announced earlier in the day as the petition was to be heard in the Supreme Court on Tuesday.

The winds of change

About 211 objections were received against the draft ward structure. From Ward 5 to Ward 3, a total of 267 population related sections have been included. It is understood that the areas under Pokar Colony, Vaiduwadi are included in Ward 3 instead of Ward 5. Some parts of Ward 3 of KK Wagh Agriculture College have been included in Ward 5

Changes have been made in the joint structure of wards 9, 16 and 17. Some parts of Ward No. 16 have now been added to Ward 9. The part of Kranti Nagar in Ward 17 is also included in Ward 16

The section from MVP’s Janata Vidyalaya up to Uttam Nagar in Ward 37 has been excluded. Also some parts are moved from Ward No. 37 to ward no 35.

"Gazette announcing the final ward structure has been published. Information will be available on Tuesday as to which part of the ward has been omitted or included elsewhere. The SEC will sent a detailed report on this."- Manoj Ghode-Patil, Deputy Commissioner

  • Total wards: 44

  • Number of corporators: 133

  • SC: 19

  • ST: 10

  • Open: 104

  • Women reserved: 67

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