Schools start, buses shut

Schools start, buses shut

NASHIK: The Government of Maharashtra gave permission to start schools in the state from October 4. The schools were set to receive the students. Parents and students in rural areas also responded with huge attendance on the first day of school after almost 19 months. But now, they are facing problems with transportation. With the commencement of school, an atmosphere of joy is witnessed among the students in the rural areas.

What is special is that after two years, the teachers got to hear the words Guruji, Sir. As a result, many teachers were overwhelmed. However, due to the closure of buses in rural areas, the students are facing problems reaching their respective schools. Students from rural areas go to schools and colleges at taluka places. Although it has been five to six days since the school started, buses have not been seen in many villages in rural areas. In some places, tribal development buses have been started.

Since the bus arrives at the same time, the bus takes the students to the school, but there is no bus service for the students to go back home after school. Some students have a bus on the way but not to come. As a result, many students have to stay at home even after school starts. Private passenger transport in rural areas has been completely shut down since the Corona outbreak. Similarly, students are suffering due to the closure of buses.

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