School to promote Marathi language

School to promote Marathi language

* Inauguration by former President Pratibha Patil * ‘Manavdhan’ will impart Marathi lessons through online for overseas citizens

Nashik: With a broad view to orientate the spirit and sweetness of Marathi language to new generation, its significance in culture and heritage, Manavdhan Social, Educational Development Institute has taken initiative for the promotion of Marathi language.

The aim is that the Marathi language should be nurtured and the new generation should be able to taste the sweetness of our culture and language. ‘Manavdhan’ will give Marathi lessons to the citizens living overseas, said the institute operators.

For the promotion of Marathi, 'Manavdhan Global Language School' has been started with the concept of Prakash Kolhe, President of Manavdhan Social, Educational Development Institute.

The initiative will be launched by former President Pratibha Patil today (January 11). Senior scientist Dr. Vijay Bhatkar, Vice Chancellor Dr E Vayunandan and Deputy Director of Education Nitin Upasani will be present among the dignitaries.

The Marathi language has a rich heritage of culture and tradition. The quality of Marathi literature and art has left its mark in the world of literature. Prakash Kolhe has started the ‘Manavdhan Global Language School’, taking a competent step towards the global vision of making Marathi the official language.

Millions of Marathi speaking people have settled in different countries for employment. People who have settled abroad; but their children's education should not be hampered after returning home. They should be able to easily assimilate with the local language. Similarly, this school has been created with the objective that there should be no language barrier in relationships.

The new generation has no knowledge of Marathi language. Therefore, the picture is that the Marathi language is slowly diminishing. Against this backdrop, this project has been started by Manavdhan for the purpose of learning Marathi language.

The institute will provide Marathi language lessons online and this initiative can help those who do not speak Marathi to learn and speak Marathi. More information about this initiative has been made available on the website of the organisation.

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