School System to allow choose favourite subject

School System to allow choose favourite subject
school syllabusGovt reduces school syllabus

Nashik: In the Savitribai Phule Pune University (SPPU), students will now be able to learn other supplementary subjects along with their basic syllabus, the schedule will be designed accordingly. A new 'school system' has been developed in the university.

Central universities in the country have a system of teaching through the 'school system'. It was suggested by NAAC that there should be a 'school system' in Pune University. Accordingly, the Vice-Chancellor Nitin Karmalkar planned and developed the school system. Registrar Dr Praful Pawar has issued orders in this regard. It has 52 departments,18 study centers and single director has been appointed for each school.


- To teach the same curriculum, same syllabus subjects together

- Proper use of manpower, capital and funds, avoidance of re-expenditure

- Policy decisions by considering all the departments involved in the 'school' without considering just one department

Benefits of the school:

- Research will be accelerated in collaboration with the departments involved in the school.

- Students will have freedom of choice of subject under Choice Base Credit System.

- It is beneficial to have a school system when negotiating with international organizations.

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