School bells ring again

School bells ring again

NASHIK: A full 18 months after remaining shut during the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown, a majority of the schools in Maharashtra - barring the primary sections - reopened on Monday. School bells started ringing at the appointed morning hour urging students to hurry for classes, while in many schools, teachers and non-teaching staff welcomed the pupils with roses, chocolates, or sweetmeats to mark the special day.

Enthusiastic students turned out in their crisp uniforms, lugging their schoolbags, in singles, double or in groups of friends, and waited patiently at the gates for their temperature checks and hand sanitisation, before proceeding to the classrooms.

Following a government decision, all schools from Class 5-12 in the rural areas and from Class 8-12 in urban areas have thrown the doors open for students from Monday. The schools were instructed by the school education department to celebrate the education festival to welcome the students on the first day. Accordingly, special activities were carried out by the schools to re-accommodate the students in the school environment.


  • Masks are mandatory. Sanitation arrangement outside the classrooms, school entrances

  • One student, one bench for social distancing

  • Consent letter of parents is mandatory

  • Full vaccination of teachers and non-teaching staff is mandatory before starting school

  • Schools & classrooms should be disinfected regularly

  • If a student develops Covid-19 like symptoms, he/she should be taken to a health center immediately

  • Meetings, conferences should avoid crowding

  • Schools should be connected to the nearest primary health center

"Congratulations to the students, teachers and parents for the first day of school. It is your responsibility to take care of the children. It will definitely be carried out, it is believed, and we will move forward today with the determination that once the school is reopened, we will not allow the time to close it again." - CM Uddhav Thackeray

"The first day of school should be remembered forever. Celebrate this day, especially after a long period of time. Share photos, videos, songs that will be a great first day experience." - Varsha Gaikwad, School Education Minister

"Today was a celebration from the point of view of both the students and teachers. After nearly a year and a half, the students, teachers came face to face. Institutions, teachers, students and parents enjoyed the first day by strictly following the rules of the government so that this environment could continue uninterruptedly. To some extent, the child was a bit depressed on the first day, but the things will come to normal soon."- Sarojini Tarapurkar, School Committee Chairperson, Sarda Kanya Vidyalaya

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