School bags policy : Promising move at right time: Educationist

Responsibility of school, parents and teacher for implementation
School bags policy : Promising move at right time: Educationist

Nashik: The Center has adopted a policy to reduce the weight of students' backpacks in the next academic year. A draft in this regard was published recently by the ministry. Parents and educationists of Nashik have welcomed this move and have expected its proper implementation.

The timing of the draft has also been praised as it will help the schools to prepare themselves.The draft of ministry states that the weight of the backpack should not be more than 10 per cent of the weight of the students.

There will be no school bags for pre primary students. It has provided rough figures of weight of student and proportionate weight of school bags, as per class.The issue of heavy school bags was constantly under discussion.

A backpack full of books, boxes, water bottles, projects, study materials, separate uniforms for sports has been placed on the backs of the students. Petitions have also been filed in the court to reduce the weight of the backpack.

Against this backdrop, the central government had appointed a committee of experts in 2018 to formulate the policy. The report tabled by this committee has been approved by the Central Education Department. States have been directed to implement this policy.

"The ministry has issued the guidelines at a right time. It will help the schools to prepare themselves for its implementation. Every year, new rules in this regard come up from government but after starting of schools. The schools cite this as a reason behind no proper implementation. But in upcoming year it will help the schools to make a plan about this.

"Sachin Joshi, Educationist

"The move is very welcoming. It will help not only reduce the pressure on students, but also on their mind. More practical based and sports based education is needed for students, especially in the pre- primary and primary session. It is now responsibility of the schools, teachers and parents to implement it properly. The officials should help them in the implementation and keep follow up of the same.

"Dr Milind Wagh, Educationist

"The extra-curriculum activities in schools have added the extra weight to the bags of students. The move is really a relief for the parents and students. Sometimes, the school bag looks heavier than the students himself. It will really help to engage them in other activities.

"Sunil Aher, teacher

"It was really painful to see our kids to take such heavier bags to schools. It is really a relief for the parents, especially who are doing jobs and are not able to drop their kids to school. The kids used to exhaust totally after returning home from schools. The heavier bags were making them tired. It was affecting their routine and playtime.

"Anita Rathod, Parent

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