Say ‘No’ to violence against women

Say ‘No’ to violence against women

City Police initiative ‘The Real Talk’ gets an overwhelming response

Nashik: The Nashik City Police under the guidance of City Police Commissioner Vishwas Nangre-Patil had organized an event called ‘The Real Talk’. The event was focused on the subject ‘Say no to violence against women’. The event was based on three major aspects of Talk, Inspire and Motivate.

The event was conducted in presence of Actress Rani Mukherji, Actress Mukta Barve, writer-director Praven Trade, Nashik ZP CEO and working collector of district Bhuvaneshwari S and police commissioner Nangre-Patil.
The event covered series of inspirational talks from the dignitaries as well as a panel discussion on women safety.

The event was also joined by the Governner of Puducherry, Kiran Bedi through video conference. She guided the school and college students who were present at the event. The event conducted at the Hotel Taj Getway.
The city police commissioner guided the students especially the female students on various aspects of safety.

He conducted a lecture on women safety through power point presentation. He recalled a formula of 10A’s which included major elements of self defense for women, while the 6P’s were based on the social aspects.
While guiding the students actress Rani Mukharji said, “The women is considered a form of goddess Laxmi, Saraswati, Parvati, but we forget especially the women forget that they are also form of goddess Durga and Chandi too. The girls especially should get bold and brave.”

The dignitaries voiced that the girls should fear to speak out, it the most important step to speak out first against any violence. The society should also change its attitude to make the women to look as culprit.

It is not true that every man in society is wrong, but the one who are doing such things should be punished. Though we call our society as patriarchal, but the picture has changed the women are working shoulder to shoulder with men. It because the men in society backed them, otherwise the scenario could have been the same. The women should be treated as a human being first. The society should let her utilize her rights which she has got as a human. There is nothing special or shame to share household courses. The society should normalize these things.”
                                                                                                                                                            – Mukta Barve

The society, as well as government agencies, should work in three aspects prevention, risk reduction and after incident. The society should change its attitude to make the girl culprit. We should give her ground to speak up. The girls should come in front and themselves think about the women safety and suggest measures, as they are going through it and they have thought about it more than we do. The women should know how to reduce the risk when such thing happens with her and prevent it on the moment it starts. The students in district are getting self defense training and are guided on every step related to issue.
                                                                                                                                                    – Bhuvaneshwari S

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