Save water to avoid shortage

Water stock in district dams recedes to 38%
Save water to avoid shortage

NASHIK: With water stock in the district dams receding to 38 per cent at the end of the first week of scorching May, several parts of the district are likely to be hit by a water shortage. There are signs of increasing water scarcity in the district. Gangapur Dam, an important dam supplying water to the city, has only 45% water left.

The district has entered the second week of sweltering May month. There are still one and a half month to go in which the water crisis may loom large. So until then, using water sparingly is going to be a big challenge.

Meanwhile, eight out of 24 dams in the district have less water storage than last year. As the heat intensified, the risk of water scarcity has also increased. This year’s summer is getting unbearable now, and its intensity is increasing day by day. As a result, water scarcity is being felt in many pockets in rural areas. Due to the increasing water demand, useful water reserves in dams are declining.

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