Sanitation workers demand timely payment

Sanitation workers demand timely payment

NASHIK: Samyat Shakti General Kamgar Sangathan has submitted a statement to Municipal Commissioner and Administrator Ramesh Pawar demanding timely payment and addressing various other issues.

Milind Kale, sangathan’s president, stated the corporation needs to take a decision to stop the ongoing injustice against the cleaners and fulfil their demands or else the group will launch an agitation against the corporation.

The workers have demanded an attendance shed and toilets in the solid waste management department of the corporation, as most of the attendance sheds are at the divisional office.

The corporation’s cleaning staff needs to report between 06:00 am to 07:00 am and visit the attendance shed of the divisional office for attendance. As sheds aren’t present in some areas, the cleaners need to give attendance on the road.

If an attendance shed is located in some area, it doesn’t have independent toilets for cleaners. If there is a men’s toilet constructed in an area, the area doesn’t have a female toilet. Therefore, the corporation needs to provide these facilities to cleaners.

Timely payments

The employees and workers of Nashik Municipal Corporation receive their monthly salary after the 5th date of each month. Various employees and workers need to pay instalments of various loans like home, education, or other loans. As the salary gets delayed, they fail to pay the instalment on time and thus, face additional penalties. Therefore, the corporation needs to pay them on the first date of the month.

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