Saluting the ones who provide a helping hand to all

World Humanitarian Day
Saluting the ones who provide a helping hand to all

NASHIK: World Humanitarian Day is celebrated every year on August 19th to honour the people who choose a different life to serve the ones suffering across the globe. The United Nations declared this day to pay tribute to all the humanitarian workers killed, injured, or are currently working to better the living conditions of those trapped in crisis or difficult living conditions.

The day also highlights the work of aid and health workers who continuously provide life support and protection to the ones in need. Due to the pandemic and climate change, the UN has centered the day’s theme around the human race. It has urged all social media users to run, ride, swim, walk or do any activity for a total of 100 minutes between August 16th to 31st.

This initiative supports the vulnerable lot and reminds the developed countries of their old pledge to donate Rs.100 crore annually for climate change and adaptation in developing countries. In the current scenario, where the whole world is suffering from various crisis, humanity is the need of the hour. Earthquakes, floods, disputes, pandemic, unemployment, deaths, forest fires, and even demolitions have created uneasy conditions for humans to survive. While some are struggling to pay their bills, others are facing difficulties in affording bread two times a day.


The United Nations recognises this day since 2009 to remember and honour Special Representative of the Secretary-General to Iraq, Sergio Vieira de Mello, and 21 aid workers who were killed in a bombing at UN Headquarters in Baghdad, Iraq, on August 19, 2003.

“Since the past 1 to 1.5 years, the people are facing several difficulties due to the pandemic. During this period, I helped patients and their relatives in terms of medical advice, oxygen beds, ventilator beds, and reducing excessive bills. I helped all the patients of North Maharashtra who arrived in Nashik for treatment in the second wave. I will continue to help every troubled soul as helping them gives me inner peace and satisfaction. I can’t express my feelings in words. The kind of satisfaction I get when the patients breathe a sigh of relief is unmatchable. I have circulated my number on social media platforms and will continue to help people for free.” - Dr. Pratik Vasantrao Deore, former medical officer, social worker

“Humanity is the need of the hour. As humans, it should be our prime responsibility to help and be available for each other. During the pandemic, apart from humans, even stray dogs felt the repercussions. However, even before the pandemic, I fed the stray dogs as they are the purest form of love. I believe that everyone should feed stray dogs as they eat any edible thing humans give to them. They don’t demand any fresh food or any specific items. I believe in the slogan, “Go for stray.” We should help everyone in this world, be it human or an animal, to make this world a better place.” - Manish Singh, volunteer at Sharan

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