Salher, Mulher proposed for World Heritage Site

Tentative nomination made, long way to get the tag
Salher, Mulher proposed for World Heritage Site

NASHIK: The Maharashtra State government has shortlisted 14 forts in state for tentative nominations for World Heritage Site. In this proposal Salher and Mulher both forts have found there place in this list. The state has proposed these forts under serial nomination of UNESCO’s World Heritage Site. Proposal for this has been made in theme of ‘Maratha Military Architecture in Maharashtra’.

Salher and Mulher are the forts located at highest altitude in Western Ghats. The Salher fort is located near Waghamba in Satana tehsil, while Mulher is located at Mulher village of Baglan tehsil in Nashik district. It is the site of the highest fort in the Sahyadri mountains and the second highest peak at 1,567 metres (5,141 ft) after Kalsubai in Maharashtra and 32nd highest peak in Western Ghats.

This was one of the celebrated forts of the Maratha Empire. The UNESCO has accepted the tentative proposal of the state in April this year. The State Minister of Culture Amit Deshmukh took special efforts for making this proposal. It is the first time that the state government has taken such a step.

“The tentative proposal has been submitted a detailed dossiers of each fort will made, the work regarding has already been started. The dossier will be submitted to UNESCO. After that the forts will be inspected by the experts from the UNESCO, then only the final decision will come from them. It is time taking process and will present the best documentation for this.” - Tejas Garge, Director, State Archeology Department.

The forts shortlisted for tentative serial nomination as World Heritage Site

  • Shivneri- Birthplace of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, plus good example of Bahamani/ Nizamshahi architecture providing backdrop to narrative of rise of guerrilla warfare .

  • Torna- First fort of Swarajya, strategic selection for humble beginning.

  • Rajgad- Former capital, best use of landscape, “Machi” architecture

  • Mulher- highest located forts in western ghats, witnessed important battles, eastern boundary during Chhatrapati’s time

  • Panhala/ Rangana- located on hill and dense forest being on southern periphery played important role against Bijapur and British, Portuguese in Konkan

  • Pratapgad- Strategic location commanding ghats and connecting Konkan, witness of famous battle against Afajal Khan, important for narration of guerrilla warfare

  • Lohagad- Ideal example of Maratha hill fort architecture showing developments till Peshwa period, provision of single Machi

  • Raigad- Capital fort rebuilt for coronation of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, ideal example to cite architectural features of a Maratha hill fort

  • Sindhudurg- Sea fort built by Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj to support naval activities against Europeans

  • Padmadurga (Kasa) - Sea fort built by Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj to support naval activities against Siddhi

  • Vijaydurg- Ideal example to describe architectural features of a costal fort and naval warfare under Angres in south Konkan

  • Kolaba- Important sea fort of north Konkan base of Kanhoji Angre, famous naval commander

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