Sakale new signing authority at Nashik APMC
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Sakale new signing authority at Nashik APMC

Nikheel Pardeshi


Sitting chairman of Nashik Agriculture Produce Market Committee (APMC), Shivaji Chumbhale finally had to pay the price in the alleged bribery case. As per the demand of as many as ten directors of Nashik Agriculture Produce Market Committee (APMC), the district sub-registrar has finally stripped of chairman of Nashik AMPC, Shivaji Chumbhale of his “signature authority” and has delegated the powers to senior APMC director Sampatrao Sakale.

The orders have been issued by sub-registrar Gautam Balsane by forwarding it to APMC secretary Arun Kale for further action. Expressing his strong disappointment over the decision, chairman Chumbhale termed the move “one-sided” and said that he would knock high court doors against it.

NASHIK APMC directors Shankarrao Dhanwate, Tukaram Pekhale, Ravindra Bhoye, Dileep Thete, Vishwas Nagare, Sanjay Tungar, Prabhakar Mulane, Yuvraj Kothule, Sampatrao Sakale and Tarabai Malekar had written a letter to the district sub-registrar reminding him that as chairman Chumbhale was arrested in a bribery case, the district sub-registrar had then removed powers of chairman which include financial and policy decisions under Rule 45-1 of the APMC.

Hence the sitting chairman should not be the signature authority for policy decisions and financial matters. The high court had then sought consent letters of all the directors for delegation of signature authority to another director.