Saint literature is still very relevant: Chaitanya Maharaj

Late Bastiramji Sarda 59th Memorial Lecture
Saint literature is still very relevant: Chaitanya Maharaj

Nashik: Emphasising that the influence of saint literature is still exist and it has not diminished even with the passing of time, Chaitanya Maharaj Deglurkar termed the saint literature as "lighthouse" which gives proper direction to make life worth living.

He was speaking on the topic "Is the influence of saint literature is diminishing?" in the Late Bastiramji Sarda 59th Memorial Lecture which was telecast live on online media, yesterday. Janak Sarda welcomed Chaitanya Maharaj Deglurkar. Maharaj garlanded the photo of Late Bastiramji Sarda.

Deglurkar Maharaj explained the co-relation and co-existence between the saint literature and its influence on our life. He said that even though times have changed, the nature of problems has changed, the problems however are unchanged.

"In the pandemic, what gave us relief is none other than the saint literature," said Deglurkar Maharaj. While explaining the importance of in-depth study in relation to the saint literature, he said that "upasana" without knowledge and study is null and void. It helps us to a certain extent. If we learn and study it and then perform upasana, then it will guide us to the right direction.

In today's context, Chaitanya Maharaj said that the human being is not satisfied with the three basic needs of food, clothes and shelter. Today, he has expanded his horizon and needs in the context of these three basic needs. He wants more than that. Today's human being seeks diverse food, different types of clothes and a shelter with luxury facilities and amenities. "The problems increase with the increase in our needs," he explained. More the needs, more we invite problems."

Is the influence of Dnyaneshwari declining? he questioned with caution and added that even though the influence of fictional literature is increasing, if we asked our inner voice, we would realise that the influence of Dnyaneshwari and other saint literature is not reducing but its effectiveness and efficacy is still guiding us like a lighthouse.

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