RTO registers 5000 new vehicles

Earns Rs 21 crore
RTO registers 5000 new vehicles
RTO NashikRTO registers 5000 new vehicles


The Nashik Regional Transport Office (RTO) has registered over 5,000 new vehicles, both large and small, during the current crisis. Out of this, the RTO has earned a good revenue of Rs 21 crore.

RTO officials are confident that large-scale vehicle purchases will start in the next few months which will boost revenue.

The pandemic situation has completely disrupted normal life of the people. Unemployment has risen due to the loss of many jobs, while large businesses have been shut down halting turnover completely. The biggest blow has suffered to the automotive industry.

Due to the crisis, many stopped buying new vehicles. The sale and purchase transactions of used vehicles have resulted in loss of hundreds of rupees in terms of revenue.

However, the Central and State Governments allowed the resumption of transactions by instructing them to relax the rules in view of the situation in each state and district to reverse the shaky economic situation.

With the resumption of many closed businesses, the turnover in vehicle purchases has started showing positive implications. The regional transport department registered 2,500 vehicles in the three months from May to July after the ease in relaxations. Revenue of Rs 21 crore has been earned from it.

The RTO department works with a revenue target of Rs 25 crore per month. However, it is understood that this time due to the pandemic a revenue of around Rs 50 crore has been lost.

In May, RTO registered 210 new vehicles, including 90 two-wheelers, 100 four-wheelers and 20 others, earning a revenue of Rs 4 crore. In the month of June, 1800 two-wheelers, 510 four-wheelers, 50 rickshaws and 40 freight vehicles and 350 others totalling 2750 vehicles registered and earned a revenue of Rs 10.50 crore.

So far in July, 1400 two-wheelers, 400 four-wheelers and 500 others, totalling 2300 vehicles have been registered and earned revenue of Rs. 6.50 crore.

After the relaxation in place, over 5,000 vehicles of various types have been registered at the Nashik Regional Transport Office with revenue of Rs 21 crore. Although the revenue seems to be low at present, The buying of new vehicles is likely to be increased in the near future.

Vinay Ahire, sub regional transport officer, Nashik.

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