RTO proposes suspension of rule violators

No Helmet, No Petrol
RTO proposes suspension of rule violators

NASHIK: As many as 72 two-wheeler riders, who had applied for petrol without helmet at petrol pumps from August 15 to 28 under the ‘No Helmet, No Petrol’ campaign launched on Independence Day, were found to have given false information. The traffic police have taken action and issued a notice. A proposal has been sent to the Regional Transport Office to suspend the licenses of these bikers.

Assistant Commissioner of Police Sitaram Gaikwad has also said that the two-wheeler riders will be penalized under the Motor Vehicles Act. The No Helmet, No Petrol initiative was started on 15th August. The drive had received a mixed response on the first and second day. It was observed that the bikers were filling petrol in their bikes while exchanging helmets at the pumps.

Noting that the Commissioner of Police had received complaints that some pump operators were selling petrol to those without helmets, it had warned the operators of strict action under the Covid Infectious Diseases Act and against petrol pump owners. Pump operators were instructed to fill out applications from bikers buying petrol without helmets.

The pump workers were also beaten up for not giving petrol without a helmet at a pump on Dindori Road. Taking note of this, Commissioner of Police Pandey has beefed up police security at the pumps. This led to an increase in the number of bikers wearing helmets as the supply of petrol without helmets at the pumps was completely stopped.

No option but to wear helmet

"There is a provision to suspend the license after it has been revealed that several bikers had furnished false information. The court will issue summons under the Motor Vehicle Rules Act. Helmets should be used to prevent this action." - Deepak Pandey, CP, Nashik

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