RTO initiates Mission Oxygen

250 tankers equipped with GPS
RTO initiates Mission Oxygen

NASHIK: The state’s regional transport department (RTO) has acquired 80 to 85 tankers transporting nitrogen and argon from various parts and made necessary technical changes to equip them for transporting the medical oxygen. Oxygen is currently being transported by 250 tankers, which are monitored by GPS.

By-products nitrogen and argon are manufactured along with oxygen at an oxygen manufacturing plant. All oxygen-transporting tankers in jurisdictions of some RTO offices were acquired immediately for oxygen transport. As these tankers fell short, it was decided to use those tankers which are used to transport nitrogen and argon. For this, an RTO inspector was appointed and technical changes were made to the tankers.

Initially, there was no coordination regarding the transport of oxygen by these tankers. All the tankers are equipped with a GPS to get all information about to track the location of the tanker, time of arrival, return journey and to keep control over them. Its control room has been set up at the Transport Commissioner’s Office, Mumbai

Highlights of medical oxygen transport

  • Technical changes made in 85 tankers to transport medical oxygen.

  • In case of breakdown or accident, inspectors from the local RTO office are immediately sent to the spot.

  • The GPS feature helped in some cases of tanker breakdown.

  • It became possible to save time and uninterrupted transport of medical oxygen.

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