Rs 231 crore spent over smart city works

Rs 231 crore spent over smart city works

NASHIK: In the year 2016, Nashik city was selected in the dream project of Smart City by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. After losing the opportunity in the first phase, Nashik finally succeeded in confirming its place in the list of smart cities in the country in the second phase. After this, the citizens were expecting a big work from the Smart City to transform the city, but in the last few years, the required work has not been done at a satisfactory level.

However, so far, Smart City Company has done development works worth Rs. 231 crore in Nashik city, while Rs 506 crore out of the allocated Rs 1000 crore is yet to come. The company currently has a balance fund worth Rs 263 crore. Out of the total Rs 1,000 crore, the company has received Rs 496 crore.

The Centre’s share in the Smart City is Rs 500 crore. Out of this, its has so far transferred Rs 196 crore to the Nashik-based company. Similarly, the share of the state government is Rs 250 crore and the state government has so far given Rs 98 crore to the company. Nashik Municipal Corporation has a share of 250 crores and it has given Rs 200 crore so far. Thus, Rs 494 crore has been deposited with Nashik Smart City Company and Rs 506 crore out of Rs 1,000 is yet to be received.

Four new water tanks for 24-hr supply

Nashik Smart City Company has a balance fund of Rs 263 crore, and the remaining amount cannot be claimed from the government until the full amount is spent. As a result, Nashik Smart City has now approved a new project worth Rs 250 crore. Under this, four new water tanks are being constructed in the city. Their total capacity will be 47 million litres. Work is underway to build a 17 million litre tank at Panchavati, two 20 million litre tanks at Dixit Wada and a 10 million litre tank at Golf Club.

This will provide a 24-hour water supply to some parts of the city, including Panchavati, which falls under Smart City. This will eliminate the need for citizens to store water.

Water measurement

The new Rs 250 crore Smart City projects will include various water-related works. In this, water meters will be installed in 100 water tanks in the city and also at seven centres. This will give an accurate idea of how much water you have pumped and how much you have distributed.

Advanced electric water meters

The work of installing new advance electric water meters through the Smart City will start soon. Currently, this pilot project will be implemented in about 7500 commercial tap connection holders in the city. Once this type of meter is installed, it will be controlled from a water meter tower like a mobile tower. As a result, online readings of how much water the customer has spent will be available on it continuously, and an SMS will be sent to the concerned meter holder after the bill is generated. Also, water bills can be paid online immediately. On the one hand, this will lead to recovery of the water bill and also provide better quality facilities to the citizens. Currently, the project will be for commercial tap water holders, and after its success, plans are afoot to replace the meters in about two lakh houses in the city with electric meters.

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