Rs 200 crore saved by austerity policy of administrator

Nashik Municipal Corporation
Rs 200 crore saved by austerity policy of administrator

NASHIK: Ramesh Pawar, who took charge as the municipal commissioner and administrator of Nashik Municipal Corporation, has saved Rs 200 crore by imposing an austerity policy and controlling the corporation’s finances.

Pawar has also issued orders to enquire about works that haven’t been initiated instead of orders issued; the ones not finished in time and even the ones in progress. The corporation will become financially stable shortly if the implementation of the policy continues.

Also, one of the works included the construction of two flyovers at Untwadi and Mico Circle worth Rs 250 crore. However, Nashikities have questioned the need for flyovers in these areas.

A few days ago, Guardian Minister Chhagan Bhujbal held a review meeting of the municipality. At the meeting, Pawar spoke on the postponement of the flyover at Mico Circle.

Bhujbal had instructed the commissioner to check the cost of the Untwadi Bridge. However, the contractors hired for construction of the flyover at Untwadi Bridge refused to construct the flyover as they didn’t bag the Mico Circle flyover’s work.

A third-party agency is currently analysing various aspects of flyover construction at Untwadi regarding the traffic flow and busiest hours. The cost calculation of construction is in progress at present.

This calculation will aid the administrator in understanding whether the construction amount summed up to Rs 120 crore per bridge or if they were discrepancies involved in the calculation. Many have alleged the flyovers’ construction is illegal, while others have tagged the work as unnecessary and a way for personal gains.

BJP, MNS and NCP had taken an aggressive stance against the flyover. As soon as the newly appointed commissioner took over the reins, he started cutting unnecessary expenses as the corporation wasn’t financially stable. To begin with, he stopped the construction of the flyover at Mico Circle and suspended the flyover work at Untwadi. Even though the latter’s work was resumed in a while, the contractor refused to resume the work.

Over the past few days, the corporation’s process of land acquisition has come to the fore. The corporation’s transactions worth Rs 800 crore shall now be examined by a high-level committee. Even the funds assigned for construction of these flyovers are under the radar.

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